what is SEO

What is SEO?

Let’s first explore the definition of SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” SEO is a way or a technique to get organic traffic on your websites for free. There are other methods where you can spend money to get traffic, but there are some limitations to paid traffic. You only get traffic until you pay. Once you stop paying, your site will not have visitors because they all were paid.

SEO is cost-effective because traffic to your website is natural, and users come by searching some relevant keywords. SEO increases the chance to
rank higher in the Search Engines. Remember, The higher your ranking, the more traffic you will get.

What are the different types of SEO?

Technical SEO: It is a backend website optimization technique, like- internal Linking, improving page speed, and sitemaps.

On-Page SEO: It is an SEO component that focuses on optimizing elements of your website, such as keyword density, content quality, etc.

Off-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO is more than just making backlinks. It makes your site credible in search engines to get higher rankings.

Difference Between Paid and Organic Search?

The main difference is when you spend money from your pocket to get traffic to your site, that’s called Paid Traffic. Talking about organic search, the traffic you get is natural when you make your site rank higher in the search engine.

Organic search gives you visitors who are interested in your content. Most of the time, paid search is used for marketing purposes. Organic search Return on Investment(ROI) is higher than paid search.

What are the types of SEO strategies?

When we talk about SEO, you must know about different strategies that exist in the SEO world.

White-hat SEO:- White-hat SEO is the most recommended practice and focuses on optimizing your site in search engines. White-hat SEO includes Improving page speed, providing better content and putting relevant keywords in your content.

Black-hat SEO:- In this technique, people use spammy links, purchase backlinks, copy the content of others and stuff keywords to rank quickly in the search engine.

In the short term, Black-hat SEO might yield fruitful results, but GOOGLE can penalize the site in the long term.

Using white-hat SEO, you get more natural traffic, and GOOGLE also pushes your site to rank higher if it has quality content and other required matrices.

How do you get the benefit of SEO?

If you’ve read all the above content, you have an idea of how SEO works. Now, we will see how exactly you can make your site rank in search engines.
There are various resources you need to keep in mind. Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Keyword Research
Keyword research is searching popular terms that people type into search engines. You find relevant keywords that have the most searches and choose a topic to create content.

2. Content
Content is the most crucial thing that search engines look for in a website. The more relevant content is for your audience, the more traffic you get.

It would be best if you kept different things in mind while writing content like Headings, meta descriptions, and subheadings.

Your content should provide value to the users, so you’ve to make your content User-friendly and engaging.

3- Structured Data
Data in your content should be structured, and there must be a flow when a user reads your content. It’s a great way to communicate well with your audience.

4- Page Speed
Page speed defines how long it takes to load the first impression of your page. The more time it takes, the more chances the user experience will not be good. Page speed is also an important factor that helps your website rank in search engines.

5- Link Building
It is the most talked about topic in SEO. People tend to think that only link building boosts your website rankings, but that’s not completely true.
All the factors that we have seen till now contribute to your rankings.

Link Building is a method of getting links from other websites to your websites. These links help GOOGLE crawlers and bots to find your site and index them in the search engines.


SEO is the most recommended way to get organic traffic to your website. You need to keep all the points in mind when you do SEO for your site. If you’re interested in SEO content, then our blog is a great resource you can learn all about SEO.

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